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  • siqui4cp

    Oh its cool 😀

  • Blue5747CP

    I’d love to visit Kelowna one day! Seems like a GORGEOUS place! 😀

    • Polo Field

      It definitely is! Some people call it the “California of Canada.” (gets quite cold in the winter, though.)

    • Polo Field

      You must have better eyesight than me. I see no unicorns in this photograph.

  • Ninjasilent (@Ninjaoninja2)

    Hey Polo field can you come to sleet dojo if your not busy because the haloween music is still there!!

  • mrzap

    Polo I Would Love To Meet You On Club Penguin!
    Maybe You Can Set Up A Time When Your Not Busy!

    • mrzap

      Thank You!

  • mrzap

    Hello Dont Forget To Follow My Blog!
    Hope you like it!

  • rockhopper2602

    Hi Polo Field! I have a blog of my own and I know that this one rocks!


  • topsnowgames

    Hey, this blog is awesome 🙂
    Do you post here some club penguin sneek peeks ? Because i walsi ant to start a blog about clubpenguin !
    Bye 🙂

  • mlg

    it looks very beautiful and its hot like 105 in lv. D:

  • Jojoba Cp

    Wow, kelowna looks a nice place for live and visit, i want to work for club penguin in a few years and live in kelowna *.*

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