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  • Domo6367 (@TempleRun2Guy)

    You have to go to a chat and someone tells you if you win it not by the tatics and all.

  • Waddles26813

    Well, you know when you won because sizes count, and also do how well you do tactics. There are many false claims of victory, and cheaters lose, obviously. This is good if you don’t really get them: and I didn’t know you thought they were a cool idea, because I read about army members getting banned by moderators.

    • Djgtjvgyhxgy

      If you want to learn about how armies work, steer clear of the RPF. Their leader has… a unique view on things.

  • clubpenguinperapin

    I’m not so experienced with armies. But I’ve seen some great organisation skills by some CP Armies! (:

    ~Perapin 😉

  • Mike (@GiantMikeCP)

    Basically the army with the most “tatices” meaning like emotes have in there battle will mean who win. It also depends on who have the longer amount of troops on CP. Hope this help polo!

  • Carson4 (@carson4cp)

    By size and how many people do emotions is how you know you won a battle

  • Blaze

    Redemption Force doe


  • Puffle Vision (@Puffle_Vision)

    Basically what happens is once you’ve done stuff like “joke bombs”, the army leaders also use Xat, so when an army gives “defeat”, it’s over Xat, which then channels in to Club Penguin. Basically, the action is on Club Penguin, the important stuff is on Xat.
    If an unwanted army turns up, armies use the magical ignore button, one of these unwanted armies is the Purple Republic, who drill in offensive signs, it’s rumoured they formed from 4chan (which we all know is a rather dodgy site).
    Or the winning of a battle happens when an army logs off. Army tactics include snowballs (it’s what they’re made for – right?), emotes, lines, and more. It’s pretty fun, but sometimes this fun turns into serious competition.
    There’s the bright sunny side to armies, like I’ve just highlighted, then there’s the dark side, on the army blogs, where battles are announced, some armies use rather rude tactics to gain attention, and on the Xat’s, if you want to step down from the army, you’re private messaged a load of hate.
    To sum up, that’s an army for you, Polo!

  • Djgtjvgyhxgy

    Most battles are decided by numbers and unit cohesion. If one army is smaller than another, typically that army loses. If the smaller army, however, has much better tactics than the larger army, they would take the win. If one army also leaves the server mid battle, that army would lose.

    I’m a color war vet from 06, so I know what I’m talking about. Lawl.

    • Djgtjvgyhxgy

      If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to come check out the Romans. We have a rich history dating back to 2007, with plenty of experienced leaders and troops that have been involved in armies for years. We’d be honored to answer any questions you have.

      If you’re interested, click on my name. You’ll be linked to our site’s front page, where our chat will be.

      Have a nice day.

  • Hatsune Miku (@vocaloid_hmiku)

    I only recently found out about Hunger Games on Oyster. Since I’m not a big fan of The Hunger Games, I don’t participate even though Oyster is my fave server.
    You know when you’ve won a battle when a penguin turns red I guess. You know, to represent blood? I’m not really sure…kinda new with this whole CP armies concept…

    • Sir Pj

      The hunger games on oyster has absolutely nothing to do with Club Penguin armies. Club Penguin armies are proper organisations based around their own websites, and they communicate outside of Club Penguin.

  • Formal Dude (@Formal_Dude)

    Normally whoever has more penguins wins the battle, and both armies will agree on the final decision of who one.

  • Spi101

    It mostly depends on the army’s size, and their tactics.

    What’re you confused about CP armies? I’ll explain them in the best way possible. Though I will tell you, It’s awesome.

  • jester00

    I would be happy to explain, just comment back 😀

  • Pufpuf103

    Winners are based on size, tactics, and consistency.

  • flippers1807cp

    Hey Polo. CP Armies are lots of fun! You should join in on the fun! I own an army called the Cheetos of CP! Interested in joining or finding out more, you can check it out at 🙂 Tactics, and size determine a win. One Army eventually surrenders.

  • ●||» вяa∂у «||●

    There is a lot to explain when it comes to Club Penguin armies! I would love to help you out! Just comment back, and we could possibly get together some time!

    ~Brady (Romans)

  • ocean6100

    Quite the valid point you bring up there, Polo. Hmm… it is hard to tell who won the battle, especially as the battles can go on for quite some time. It’s fun to gather a lot of penguins into one place for one reason, though. All in all, they’re hard to organize, but they’re fun!

  • Turbo Tankz

    I used to be in an army called “Ice Warriors”, a very famous one that’s even ranked on the top 5 and was the first 12 times as I remember! If armies want to fight each other or do any event with or against another army, they’ll need permission from the CP Army Central -> which are responsible for planning all battles and events. The battles are just grabbing the army’s members in a room to make a certain shape by standing in a certain way and then saying emotes or speech as ordered from the army’s leader. The army’s leader is responsible for taking the best pics of the tactics being done and then to send them to CP Army Central on their secret chat for them to decide the best army which wins medals and its members get promotions, xats, and other cool stuff!

    -Turbo Tankz

    • Sir Pj

      CPA Central is a news site, and does not organise army’s events and battles. You also do not need permission from CPA Central to have battles. All CPAC does is organise tournaments which occur every 2 months, they do not organise army’s battles for them or make them ask for permission for anything.

      And pictures are not given to CPAC through a “secret chat”, people who create the Top 10 go and check army sites for posts. And CPAC does not give medals, promotions, xats or anything else to the army who is placed first.


    Polo can you also do armies a favor and make it where you can go on CPNext or servers because it could kill armies.

  • waterkid


    • waterkid

      Sorry for caps. Maybe you should make your own army, Polo. Polo’s Warriors of CP?

  • тнє.cуηιcαℓ.ρєηgυιη

    It’s quite complicated by multiple factors….

  • вυяя★ᴀʀ-ᴅɪɢɴɪᴛᴀʀʏ

    Armies are very interesting… they come in wide varieties. Some try to be “the good guys” while others will do what they want and when they want for whatever they feel is the most fun. Most people who join Club Penguin armies, stay, because it really is a fun experience. The higher ranked you get in an army, the more responsibility you have though. Winning… well that’s as controversial as anyone because in a community so competitive, winning may be one of the hardest things to do, but it feels great when you win because you know a lot of hard work payed off.

  • Sky Blue36

    RPF is the #1 ranking army, weekly! The winning army in battles are based on size, tactics, etc. Once, 4 armies declared war on RPF at the same time and we won them all 😀 That means 4+ Armies = RPF
    Fight the good fight…

  • lenco1997

    Great to see you connected with us Polo 😀

  • Mr_Cow

    I Hate it when army’s are breaking rules.

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