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  1. Hi Polo, hope you’re having an awesome day. There have been tons of rumours about a ‘Back To School Bash’ coming to Club Penguin in September. What we’re unsure about is whether it will be September’s major party or a minor one like the prom that occurred earlier this year. I would appreciate it if you could clarify on whether it will take place or not and if so, whether it will be a major or minor party/ event? I somewhat doubt it will be major since you told me that September’s party is about giving back to people fortunate than others. Thanks for taking the time to answer and read my question. Have a great day.

  2. Hey polo!! When the Cp next will be out on the PC version? And can you give us an hint for the party in november? and what mascot will be visting the Back to school party?

  3. I have a few!

    Did you go to college? If so, what did you go for? Do you think college is an absolute requirement if you want to get a job in this industry?

    Finally, do you guys plan to interact with fan blogs more? The relationship with CP, and it’s fan blogs has gone down since 2013 or so… I always had the idea that big bloggers could help test new parties and such and give feedback. They would have to know that there is a younger audience as well. The feedback would be different then the feedback from QA testers, because you’re getting feedback directly from the hard core fans.

    Thanks Polo. 🙂

  4. 1) Are you guys going to tell us who’s that “??????” mascot ?

    2) Is it okay when blogs give out informations about the upcoming parties if they found them in the CP files and mobile files ?

    3) When to expect the launch of Puffle Wild ?

  5. At some point will you be able to give us bloggers a sneak peek of the upcoming skatepark room? I’m a skateboarder myself. 😉 So this is pretty exciting for me! 😛

  6. Instead of Disney having to pay loads for developers to port Sled Racer to Android, you could get someone like me to port it (I made Puffle Tap) and it wouldn’t even take a month to do 😛

  7. When i joined CP i did’t even know what a mod was then i found Happy77 (and of corse the rest) later on and i just wanted to say think about it Happy77 Howls11 (me)


  8. Will you follow me on twitter again and will you join my birthday again like last year twitter name @girlfunlover i like to ask you some questions in private and will there be a club penguin movie like lane say from tv from 2009 and today because you guys never made one and will there be a little mermaid take over next year or this year it will be really awesome to have ariel over as the little mermaid and princes Eric and friends from under the sea please do one or camp rock take over with dime and the Jonas brothers in it because i’m huge fans of them since i saw them in the concert in 2009 in summer it was a awesome concert with nick joe and Kevin i know that Kevin got married with his girl and have a baby girl but will be so awesome for summer ok polo please!!! reply this question

    • You can contact CP Support if you want to discuss something privately. They’re always happy to help. As for the movie question… I believe Lane was saying that it was his wish to make a CP movie.

      • But will lane wish come true someday because the penguins are kinda sitting like a caveman waiting for the movie forever but we all wanted to see it so bad we can’t make the wait forever and we know that we wanted to hears the EPFs agents voices like rookie dot Gary jet pack guy someday because we all penguins know that we all wanted to hear them so bad so whens the next cartoon whats call like agent in trouble?? as a sample so whens is gonna start tomorrow next year or the day after the day after that?? we all wanna know whats going on?? ok polo

  9. Will we see more stamps added in the future or are there as many as there can be now? there has not been any since last year, and in 2010 and 2011, there were lots of stamps added.

  10. Hey polo!! When the Cp next will be out on the PC version? And can you give us an hint for the party in november? and what mascot will be visting the Back to school party? Is gooing to have a new mascot this year ?

  11. Can you guys bring back parties like the Great Snow Race of 2011, the Winter Party 2009 and the Wilderness Expedition of 2012? Those were the best. 🙂

  12. Why doesn’t Elsa sing Let It Go at her palace, and only the instrumental version of the song plays? Were y’all only able to get the rights to use the instrumental part or something, even though Club Penguin is a part of Disney? I’m curious.

  13. I want to talk about something few penguins noticed, but I did and also added to Club Penguin Wiki.

    The new game Sled Racer came and with it also came mysteries.

    Not only mysteries about the deer puffle appearing on the menu, but also the mystery about the game’s main villain. The Sabretoothed Fish. Which is actually the Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish.

    It’s an amazing discovery! Prehistoric species are still alive! Both the Prehistoric Shark (Megalodon) and now even the Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish are still alive!

    And I have a question: the Enormous Grey Fish that appeared in the last level of the beta team game “Fluffy the Fish”, is it a prehistoric version of the Grey Fish? If so, does this mean that every prehistoric species (specially the sea ones) are still alive???
    Even the prehistoric version of the Giant Squid? Or is the Giant Squid the prehistoric version of a squid? Or are the bosses from each level of Aqua Grabber prehistoric versions of an oyster and a puffer fish?

    P.S. you can learn more about the Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish here: http://www.clubpenguinwiki.info/wiki/Fluffy_the_Fish#Prehistoric_Fluffy_the_Fish

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  14. I have three questions.
    1. Are you going to use the Fog Forest room? (it opened around March 13, 2014 them you guys took down the room)
    2. A new mascot started walking around. (?????? he is also called Bigfoot sometimes) Can you give us a hint of who he is? (Here is a link to my blog post of me meeting him: http://secretpenguincheats.com/?p=2814)
    3. Can you tell us some more info about the app Puffle Wild?

  15. Sensie has not logged in for a long time! and for this year now its that back to school party halloween party Herberts party and Coins For Change so that only leaves the start of next year for Sensei. What month is sensei most likely to login?

  16. I have several questions polo
    1- could make new expansions of the island as rooms without removing others?
    2 Party Earth Day can return?
    Gary gary 3 3000 is the future with the ability to control technology or a clone?
    4 could create a forest reserve of wild puffles?
    5- return the ninja hideout?
    6-there will be more mini spy operations but can make chutney with operation?
    7- this is a suggestion, can vasarte in old polo club penguin parties to make them as mini events like the winter luau?
    8- can add more functions like building things in club penguin and searches will chalk that when you hover mouse over the bottom or reveal the hidden object as the pins?
    9- we explarar more things club penguin and beyond as islands and planets?
    10-chester of the penguins that time forgot be a pet but it is real and what happened
    11-no-esque mistook my English I’m from mexico?
    12 are the doctor who fan?

  17. 14-I forgot what month I like club penguin applications to be launched android and I minimum screen resolution will have? I have a tablet 7 inch android 4.4 system
    15-who is this mysterious machine in the mine will have to do with dinosaurs puffle?
    16-and return the puffle dinosaurs?
    17-can make editing a snowman puffle to our liking as adding carbon nose and other things?

  18. Hey Polo! I have some questions

    1- ¿What are you planning for the rest of the year?
    2- I know you are testing CPNext in the CP App, but you have some expected arrival date for this to cp? how long it would stay for this new technology comes to computers?

    3- New Puffles will come soon?
    4-are you planning to make new games for the world of Club Penguin? (Both App and computers)
    5- When Cp App will launch on Android Systems?

    Thanks! I hope your answers 🙂

  19. 1. What is Herbert up to? He has been very quiet lately…
    2. Favorite party overall?
    3. Will a new puffle release later in the year? I heard there would be a new puffle that will release this fall.
    4. There is a mysterious room that was accessible months ago, sometime in March. Apparently, it is a Fog Forest (http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140313231839/clubpenguin/images/6/61/FogForest.png) so my question is, how will the Fog Forest be involved in CP soon? Is it an upcoming EPF Mission?

    • Bambalou is English. She is the only team member who has worked in both the Canadian and English offices of CP. Also… Staff have all items. It’s a perk for working for CP. 🙂

  20. Polo Field! can you UNBan my 2 penguins plz?
    1-zezo 2001

    2-zezo 1 2001

    plz give me a chance! my parents dosent talk english! its sad! my frist penguin i got banned from item adder! and second i got banned from a membership giveaway! i didnt know it was fake! i didnt bought it!

    im soo sad! give a last chance!

    • Perhaps I should not be involved in your small conversation. However, I feel that I should elaborate something here, regarding your comment. If you used a website whose intention is to give away memberships, then don’t use them. Some can scam you and/or hack your account and therefore, gain access to your account and that may result in a ban. If you did not do the following action, then I have no idea how a membership code can result in a ban since if the membership code was fake, then it wouldn’t simply ban your account automatically.

  21. Does the team have any ideas for how the stage can be utilized?
    Maybe you could make plays that are more interactive e.g go to an area and something happens instead of the old switchbox 3000. The team could even give players money were they can earn a certain amount of coins if the perform the whole play, a bit like an animation, you click to act in a play and then the actions and speech will start automatically.

    So many things that have not been used yet to make use of rooms :/

  22. Why do you guys hardly decorate the inside of rooms for parties? Cause I remember back in the day, literally every room was decorated. The Dojo, the Lighthouse, the Coffee Shop. But it’s not like that anymore. But why?

  23. Hi !

    I’m French, so, my English is not very good…

    Is will a EPF party this year?
    Can we do the old parties?
    Can we be will a Cheese and Shade Ninja this year too?
    And the ???? mascot will be in the next party ?

    I want your answer…

    PS: If you read in French, visit my blog : clubpenguinactufr.blogspot.com

  24. Polo, can you please think about a Malieficent Takeover? This inspired me to ask because Malieficent movie was awesome. And I just wanted to suggest so that it will give you an idea.

  25. Polo, when do you think CPNext is coming out? Also, can we add more gadgets to the spy phone like Crab Translator 3000 and Flipperprint tracker 3000? Also, can we have some secret wilderness rooms to unlock on the map? Like the cave where Herbert’s base used to be.

  26. Polo please post and answer this comment. Lolnok (he hacked a server earlier this year) just made a new hacking thing. It gives you igloo likes. I would never hack but some users do. This new hacker thing was used on your igloo! Also, meaning Lolnok can (in a way) frame us. Lolnok was using his penguin when he hacked your igloo. What happens if he (Lolnok) started using this on players that don’t hack? All he needs is a penguin id. Can you (CP workers) tell if someone hacked us or would you ban us? Because right now I don’t think Lolnok will use it that much but what happens if he makes a thing on his blog so anyone can use this thing. Players that don’t like someone might be able to frame them for hacking when they did not hack! What would CP do if this was used on someone? Like say if Lolnok gave his like adder to a friend that does not like me (Pup2602) and used this on me. Would CP just ban me thinking I was a hacker or would they try to look to see who did it?


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