WordPress vs Blogger

The first question I was asked after I created this blog was about my blog roll. I’m using the built-in WordPress reader to show you all the blogs I’m following. One little trouble I have: I can only feature WordPress blogs there. I’ll probably use Links to feature Blogger sites. So if you have a […]

I made a WordPress blog!

Oh hai! Polo Field here — with my very own WordPress blog! I was inspired by all the amazing Club Penguin fan blogs out there, and wanted to start up my own little site dedicated to great fansites. If you’ve seen an awesome blog, let me know – I’d love to see it. If it’s […]

Club Penguin’s translation system will make language barriers vanish

“British children will soon be able to chat online in Spanish, French, Portuguese and German without knowing a word of  those languages, as part of an upgrade to [Club Penguin].“ Source: The Telegraph

Half-Price Deal?

Club Penguin, the subscription-based online community acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2007, has failed to meet profit targets that were tied to $350 million in payouts to the Web site’s creators. Source: New York Times

Newspapers need to be more like Club Penguin?

“Wired editor and author Chris Anderson told the Guardian that they need to find a “pet for their penguin” – things that they can charge for to support journalism. When he talks about pets for penguins, he is referring to… Club Penguin.“ Source: The Guardian

The Guardian Lists Club Penguin in Top 100 Websites

It’s cool to see Club Penguin listed in The Guardian’s Top 100 websites for the year ahead! In great company along with Runescape and Moshi Monsters.  Merry Christmas to us! Source: The Guardian

Moshi Monsters released in beta

Like many of the virtual worlds from the Flash Era of the internet, I only witnessed Moshi Monsters from a distance. I never played the game, and really only watched their videos and looked at blogs about their world. What I admire most about Moshi Monsters is the same thing I admire most about Bin […]

Disney Buys Club Penguin

“Virtual worlds have arrived?” Source: TechCrunch

Club Penguin Music Video – Bad Day

It was common for fans to make Club Penguin music videos. And it was just as common for the Club Penguin Team to watch and share these music videos internally. Many of them had the classic “Unregistered HyperCam 2” watermark, of course. Legend. This is one of the videos we would show executives and other […]

Raph Koster on kids’ worlds

“Of course, by and large, the gamers and gaming industry will likely blow these [kids’ worlds] off as “not counting” or “shallow” or something.“ Source: Raph Koster

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