Meeting Screenhog

Originally published on Medium When Polo Field met Screenhog — a Club Penguin Team Tale The Hyper Hippo team just posted their third video in their interview series, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one in particular… An interview with Chris Hendricks, otherwise known as Screenhog. I remember when I first met Chris and the rest … Read more

Monday Music Update

It’s been a while since I posted here on my backup blog, so figured it was time to post something again. I’m stoked to announce that we’ve added a bunch of new tracks to the Club Penguin SoundCloud page, including the music for the new University! Here’s the new University track: Over the next … Read more

Favorite Songs

We’ve released a lot of music in Club Penguin since it launched wayyyyy back in 2005. So it was a very special day for us to finally release an album of songs by Cadence and the Penguin Band. Since it launched, I’ve heard a few people chatting about other songs they wished were on the … Read more

Hollywood Party Trailer!

The Hollywood Party is coming to Club Penguin next week!

We’ve been working on a sneak peek to share with you before it launches. Hopefully we’ll have it ready to go by this Friday night as a little #FieldFriday gift to you.

I know some of you have been chatting about the limo after I posted a sketch of it on the CP blog…

What part are you most excited about? Acting out a movie in one of the stages, or the limo?

Prehistoric #FieldFriday!

Ooga booga, penguins! Thanks to everyone who logged on to celebrate Field Friday with us. As you may or may not know, each week we like to hang out online with a small group of penguins just to have fun together! Every week, Moose and I look forward to spending time with everyone on Club … Read more

Happy 7th Birthday, Club Penguin!

Yesterday was a very special day in Club Penguin history for us. Not only did we finally get to share a piece of the New Horizons documentary we’ve been working so hard on, but we also managed to get Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog AND Gizmo to log on with us! Our little office is only big … Read more