My Interview with Torres126 on CP Mountains

Thanks to Torres126 for the chance to talk about Club Penguin again. I like thinking about virtual worlds, and I’m still especially fond of Club Penguin and the CP community. So getting another chance to think about Club Penguin is always nice! Source: CP Mountains

Interview with Box Critters Live

Thankes to Driv3rjoe and Icy for the chance to talk insider baseball about the Club Penguin days. Source: Box Critters Live

Ryan Paynter Opens Up About Club Penguin

Another Club Penguin community member opens up about their “double life”.

Why Club Penguin Died by RoboKast

Interesting theories from YouTuber RoboKast.

Caitlyn Rae’s “Famous for Making Club Penguin Music Videos” Vlog

This is quite great. Never be ashamed to let the Club Penguin flag fly, I say!

Club Penguin’s Final Minutes

Well done to Drivr3joe for capturing this footage.

Tamago2474’s Club Penguin Story Video

This is (by far) one of my very favorite Club Penguin videos. Well done, Tamago. You’re awesome.

Chadtronic Plays Club Penguin

Always interesting to see what YouTubers say about Club Penguin. Chadtronic is funny. I like him.

Chadtronic Video: Parents Upset Over Club Penguin

Love this! Literal LOL

Pup1one’s Nice Farewell Video For Me

Such a nice little sendaway from Pup1one, with so many kind comments from other penguins. Makes it hard to say goodbye.

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