Rogers taking over Club Penguin office space

Interesting news in Kelowna, the hometown of Club Penguin. We had a very large space for the CP team in the Landmark buildings. With the closure of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island, the team obviously didn’t need that much space anymore. 

Now that space is going to be occupied by Rogers, a telecommunications company, as a call center.

Great news for Kelowna to have 350-500 jobs available. But a little bittersweet for those of us who liked that CP office. 

Source: The Daily Courier

The Fallen King of MMOs: Club Penguin

So far in this particular series, we’ve talked about Pixie Hollow and how it sparked a love of online gaming in an entire generation, and we’ve discovered what became of the old favorite ToonTown Online. This time, I’ll be talking about the powerhouse that took down ToonTown, the key to all Disney online gaming’s undoing, a true monarch of kids entertainment, none other than the one and only Club Penguin.

Source: Rainbow Caverns

Laughing Place reviews Club Penguin Island

[Club Penguin Island] brings together the familiarity from the old game, with new, re-imagined characters and graphics.

In creating an account, you are able to design your own penguin and start tasks such as repairing a pirate ship, helping fix water slides and zip lines and even help find the lost city of Penglantis.

Source: Laughing Place