Laughing Place reviews Club Penguin Island

[Club Penguin Island] brings together the familiarity from the old game, with new, re-imagined characters and graphics.

In creating an account, you are able to design your own penguin and start tasks such as repairing a pirate ship, helping fix water slides and zip lines and even help find the lost city of Penglantis.

Source: Laughing Place

Pup1one interviews me about Club Penguin (video)

This was a bittersweet time to be interviewed, as I was actively looking for a new job. Someone hinted to me that my role was going to be eliminated, so I had to scramble to figure out what I would be doing next. And how I was going to feed my family in the future. 

It was a depressing time, and hard to put on a brave face for a camera. I tried to smile and be positive despite what I was going through personally. 

About a month after this interview, I left Club Penguin. 

Source: Pup1one / CP Memories