Top 5 Club Penguin Video Production Tips

I love seeing videos that people produce within Club Penguin. I’ve always been a big fan of CPMVs (Club Penguin Music Videos) and the little video ‘shorts’, too. I want to offer a bit of help to those who make videos. Lots of people ask me what software we use, and how we make videos […]


I’m fascinated and confused by CP Armies. I think armies are a cool idea. How do you know when you’ve won a battle, though?

Album Release Party!

Oh hai, Penguins! ZOMG! Can you believe it? Only a week until the very first Club Penguin album “The Party Starts Now” is released! We’re excited because this is the first time we’ve released an album of Club Penguin music. Of course, Moose is excited because “Dubstep Puffle” is also on the CD. To celebrate the big […]

Bloggers of the World UNITE!

I just wanted to write a note to say “thank you” to all the Club Penguin fan bloggers out there. We appreciate all the hard work you put into writing about CP news, tips, tricks, stories, videos and everything else! Club Penguin has come a long way since it started way back in 2005. There […]

New Club Penguin Content Launching Tonight!

It’s a minor launch tonight with just a few slight tweaks. Remember — members can only collect and keep dinosaur puffles during the Prehistoric Party for a little while longer! Now’s a good time to get one if you don’t have one already. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the bright new Spoiler […]

My #MeggTakeover Hoodie

Such a fun design! 🙂

Spoilers, Memes and the Best of 2013

The Spoiler Alert is taking a brief break for a week to spruce up some new graphics for the show. Ninja’s working on a new intro that looks super-cool, and Megg did most of the editing on the next episode. Can’t wait for everyone to see it! In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s […]

The new furniture and igloo catalog is up now — let’s see some new Prehistoric igloo designs, people! 🙂

Someone else grabbed the URL, so I grabbed the .org instead. Will set it up at some point. 😉

The Ultimate Club Penguin Quiz

I’m working on the ultimate Club Penguin knowledge quiz to test out new team members’ CP skillz. 😛 Here’s what we have so far! If you see anything missing, just leave a comment below. Question Answer What’s a mascot? How do you meet a mascot? What colors are the Beta Hat? Who is rsnail? What […]

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