About Reviewed By You Posts

I’ve been asked a few questions about Reviewed By You lately. Some of you said that you liked them. My question is… What did you like best about them? Was it being featured on the blog? Was it the fact that you could discuss something out of the ordinary? (something different than the game, for […]

Photo: Documentary Video in progress

Recently I mentioned that Businesmoose and I have been working on a documentary video. It’s a top secret project we started working on way back in June 2012! We started working on it, then stopped to work on higher-priority projects like the new blog, sneak peek videos, etc. I’ll just say… It’s been epic. We’ve […]

What should a modern blog do?

There are so many great blogs out there, and so many great blog tools with stuff like WordPress and Blogger. The question I have… What do you think a great blog tool should do? What do your favorite blogs do? Let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear what’s most important to you. 🙂

Photo: Working on some sounds for November

I was just listening to a track the team is working on for November. Sooooo exciting!! Can’t wait to share something with you once it’s closer to ready.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

For those of you that didn’t know, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October! So it’s a long weekend here, and many Canadians are busy cooking turkeys or vegetarian feasts with friends and family. So, Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! I like the idea of Thanksgiving. Being thankful for what you’ve been given is a very good thing. […]

Halloween Party memories

Oh hai everyone! Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I’m excited to finally start posting on the What’s New Blog starting next week. If there’s something you’d like me to blog about, just let me know! Anyways, I’ve been thinking about the Halloween Party a bunch, since it’s coming in the next few weeks. As […]

YouTube channel background fix coming soon

Hey everyone. Saraapril just let me know about a bug with the new Halloween background on our YouTube channel. We forgot to put in the new HTML code to make the buttons work! LOL at least we were still able to release the new music video. We were quite busy today! Anyways, I’ll fix those […]

Working on a Halloween sneak peek…

Moose is busy working on our next big sneak peek video. This party is so epic!

Working on a Halloween sneak peek…

Moose is busy working on our next big sneak peek video. This party is so epic!

The new music video is out now!

It’s a busy morning here at Club Penguin HQ. We just released the brand new music video for “Ghosts Just Wanna Dance” on YouTube and the blog. Did you see it yet? Anyways, got to go for now. Need to send some links to some coders for the homepage update tonight. 🙂 PS – We’re […]

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