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It’s that time of year again! The time when many people are celebrating family and taking time off from school and work for the holidays. It’s also time for Coins For Change in Club Penguin, where players get to choose how we divide a huge donation to worthy causes around the world. Coins For Change is probably one of my favorite things in CP…

We started doing Coins For Change back in 2007, because the Club Penguin Team wants to make the world be a better place for everyone. We want to see everyone have access to healthy food, clean water, education and a beautiful environment to live in.

Imagine… What if every penguin in CP worked together to change the world? To use less fossil fuel? To use less plastic? To build wells in developing countries where people have to walk for miles just to get fresh water? The possibilities are endless! Every little action from each person makes a difference. The more action, the better!

Did you know that the CP team works to give back all year round? It’s not just about giving a few virtual coins. It’s about doing real things in the real world to make a difference. That’s why we give a portion of every paid membership to help real world causes.

We even have a competition at work to see who can make the biggest difference in the world! Everything from printing less paper, to riding a bike instead of using a car. Every action you do earns you points, and it’s a big competitive game to see who can make the biggest difference in the world!

The team just finished up a video about Coins For Change that will be released on YouTube this week. Stay tuned for that, as well as some sneak peeks of the Holiday Party! Moose is almost finished the sneak peek video and we hope you love it! 🙂

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    • gf3lt0n

      Yes, I’m glad that they give us sneak peaks while just making fun to watch videos. 😀

  • zonnie (@zonnieCP)

    I really liked reading this post. I am very happy with the Club Penguin team on working all together to try and make a difference in our world. I really love Coins For Change, and I look forward to it every single year. I also can’t wait for the CFC video, and Holiday Party sneak peek you have for us. Thanks Polo Field and Businesmoose ! 🙂

  • redchampion1cp

    Hello I’m your biggest fan Polo.

  • Trainman1405

    Sweet, I can’t wait! It’s cool to say I’ve participated in every Coins For Change event so far.

    • batreeqah

      Lucky you.
      This is my second time.

  • clubpenguinperapin

    It is lovely that we can make a difference!!
    Thanks for making this post Polo Field. 🙂

    ~Perapin 🙂

  • djpingy8

    When Coins For Change starts up every year, I’m always willing to donate!

  • gf3lt0n

    I liked this post a lot. I started doing coins for change in ’07 and uploaded the smallest amount because I didn’t have that much. I really loved that you guys did this. With all the natural disasters and crisises that have happened since you started it in ’07 I can see that tons of people are eager to donate their coins. But I have a question, If we have 3rd party programs, are we aloud to use them to perm coins and then donate them? I’ve always wondered that because if I used them I wouldn’t exactly be cheating, I’d be helping. Please think about this.


  • possum2001

    Dear polofield,
    Could you please reply to my comment I sent you about a postcard? Please polo field reply to this and then your WordPress account has a comment for me. Could you arrange a time for me to meet you so that you can visit my igloo and send me a postcard!
    Thanks polo
    Possum2001 :):)

  • possum2001

    Polo could you also make me a gravatar for me as a giant blue puffle wearing bunny shoes, a tree topper hat and a green puffle computer.
    Thanks you polo

  • batreeqah

    I can’t wait for the video.
    I’ll try to donate at least 15,000 coins or even more!

  • tubbi3

    Hey Polo, I love your blog, do you like mine?

  • mepauset

    I am so proud to be on Club Penguin, it allows me to be responsible for others! Thank you Polo Field, you really are the best blogger I know and saw your Christmas make us jump for joy Polo Field ^ ^ Thanks! -Mepauset
    (if you see this message, answer me in picture, not just kidding :D)

    • mepauset

      And its my birthday tomorrow ! -Mepauset

  • uswu

    Hey polo field, thanks for the post. I love participating in Coins For Change. Also on CP i’m Max(space)7727 please accept my friend request.
    Max 7727

  • Ralphina1

    Thanks for the post card, happy field friday!!

  • Matii Fubuki ツ (@MathiiSwagger)

    You make me a partner in Club Penguin, in my country do not sell membership cards and my mom does not have enough money to buy a credit card and I think maybe your partner can do to me and my brother I am Matii Fubuki and is Fertil2 well that’s all, if you can make us a partner you really appreciate it 🙂

  • Double Mvp

    It’s amazing, the reason I started Club Penguin in 2007 was after seeing a commercial on Disney about Club Penguin’s Coins for Change.. And I’ve been a part of ever single one. 🙂

  • uswu

    Polo Field when is field Friday what server and when an what room please reply.

  • uswu


  • uswu

    Yes when is field friday i really want to ad you to my friends list.

  • uswu

    WE are ready for field friday dec 28th on fog.

  • uswu

    I used up all of my penguin time waiting for u at field friday :(.

    • Polo Field

      Sorry to hear that. Hopefully I can find you another time. Don’t worry, there will always be more chances!

      • uswu

        Thanks, I hope ill see you next week and yesterdays field Friday was on Fog right? Well, you’ve always been my favorite moderator. Also next time moose does a top ten video comment on my blog telling me which server and what time. (if you can).

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