Happy 7th Birthday, Club Penguin!


Yesterday was a very special day in Club Penguin history for us. Not only did we finally get to share a piece of the Club Penguin documentary we’ve been working so hard on, but we also managed to get Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog AND Gizmo to log on with us!

Our little office is only big enough for about four people, but we managed to fit in an extra person for this rare event. I sat out in the hallway while Rsnail used my computer to log on. As you might have guessed, all of the guys are busy with work and family, so they haven’t often been able to all be online at the same time.

We made sure we had a PC set up for Screenhog, as he doesn’t like Macs very much. 😉

I know some people grabbed screenshots of the event. Businesmoose captured some video footage and even filmed the guys playing online during the half-hour session. We may be able to use some of it in future parts of the New Horizons documentary.

Thanks to everyone who joined us online, and for all the kind birthday wishes. It was a special day for us, and we’re excited about all the things we hope to do for you in the future! Here’s to a future full of more amazing stuff on Club Penguin. 🙂

Polo Field


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  • Trainman1405

    I enjoyed the birthday surprise. 🙂

  • djpingy8

    Well done on Part 1 of the New Horizons documentary! It was good that Billybob,Rsnail,Screenhog and Gizmo got the chance to log on! :mrgreen:

  • gf3lt0n

    Awww, I only just missed this historic event. I heard i logged off only 30 minutes before you guys logged on! Maybe I’ll see you guys on another time? It’s such a slight possibility that I don’t really believe it. But, oh well.

  • Sanad Al Hooti

    Hey Polo!
    It was AWESOME i loved it! I cant wait for 8th annavirsary party next year 🙂 maybe it will be red and black hat?

  • zonnie (@zonnieCP)

    I can honestly say, this has been my favorite Anniversary Party ever thanks to the surprise of all the moderators logging in. I have not seen them in such a long time, that it felt great to all be in the same rooms together. Thank you very much guys, because I know you two are trying your best in making Club Penguin really fun and it’s working. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    – zonnie

  • xTuckster13

    Hey Polo Field!
    I was wondering, at the start of 2013, can you guys do a “Old Club Penguin” day? Like it will have everything from Club Penguin before Disney bought CP. (It’s not that I don’t like Disney, but I just wanna see memories!) And like, the homepage will look like it did from 2007 and everything from old Club Penguin could be restored for just one day! Please contact the Club Penguin team about this idea, as I really want them to see this!
    -Tuckster(CP Account is AgentNetwork

  • Ralphina1

    Welcome to the CP blog Polo, I cant wait to read your posts ! Give billbob (lane) a big high-five good bye for me!

    • jake44264

      how adout happy77 he will be left out

      • 123kitten1

        Happy77 is a girl, right?

  • mlg

    hey polo be on yourcp on nov. 10 for launch day party see you theare 😉

  • 123kitten1

    Also, can you comment on it? -123kitten1

  • agent233

    the room was full !!

  • ghgty87

    Hi! Mi name is ghgty87, I’m a Mexican blogger. Please visit and like my Blog. 😆 :mrgreen:

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