Hollywood Party Trailer!

The Hollywood Party is coming to Club Penguin next week!

We’ve been working on a sneak peek to share with you before it launches. Hopefully we’ll have it ready to go by this Friday night as a little #FieldFriday gift to you.

I know some of you have been chatting about the limo after I posted a sketch of it on the CP blog…

What part are you most excited about? Acting out a movie in one of the stages, or the limo?


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  • Trainman1405

    I really like the style of this commercial. I’m looking forward to it all honestly. A second all new first time party for 2013!

  • franky001


  • bsyew

    I really like this Polo Field! Again as always good job!

  • sniffybear2

    Will be be able to get into the Limo? If so, cant imagine whats inside! 😀

    • Polo Field

      Yep, you’ll be able to ride in the Limo. What do you think would be in the ultimate CP party limo?

      • sniffybear2

        No clue, but iam sure its gonna be awesome 🙂

  • Riyita (@Ducky908)

    It looks really awesome. The Sci-Fi stage has gained my interest. I cannot wait to try it out! 😀

  • Riyita (@Ducky908)

    Hey Polo forget something,

    Will there be a beta item for testing Card Jitsu Snow? Anymore Card Jitsu cards coming at all?


  • clubpenguinperapin

    Umm… you posted a sketch of a limo on the CP blog? Where? P.S. You rock Polo Field!! Thanks for not quitting your job at Club Penguin today. We appreciate everyday you work at Club Penguin! (:

    ~Perapin (:

      • clubpenguinperapin

        I thought that was a restaraunt! :O LOL! I’ve never been in a limo, I can’t imagine it being so huge inside.

        ~Perapin 🙂

  • djpingy8

    Nice video guys!

  • Montesquieu

    I love seeing all of these original parties coming out! Keep it up CP Team!

  • clikyminty

    Hi! 🙂 I LOVE the video, at 1:17 around there is a person sitting down with a I <3 my rainbow puffle T-shirt, so, what does that mean? A rainbow puffle? 😀 And I was wondering if you could check out my blog, if you like it please comment if you don't just say. 🙂
    Thanks! Your number 1 fan,
    ~Cliky Minty 😀

  • possum2001

    What is your favourite movie polo? I relly like the sci fi one and the action/ adventure movie but I might just change my mind;)

  • Pikalugia

    Amazing video! You are really cool! 😀

  • Carter Smith

    Polo tell me what server to be on this friday and what time ( eastern daylight time ) plz make space for me in your buddy list i want to be friends with a mod

    • Polo Field

      My list is full, and I have more than the maximum number, so I can’t add or remove friends right now. One day I hope to have it fixed, but the team has more important stuff to work on for the community right now. 😉

  • tarachimah123

    Hey Polo! When are you coming online today and what server? Please reply! I would love to meet you on the game!


  • mega7000

    Polo I can t add I don t know why? Plz tell me. I think that my buddy list is full can you plz tell me the maximum number?

  • coollegoguy4

    Hi Polo!


  • Riyita (@Ducky908)

    Hey Polo!

    Will the Giant Puffle Costumes return for the Puffle Party next month?

  • braedenthecooleo

    Polo Field tommorow Field Friday!!!!Caint wait

  • keyshawn881

    Hey polo you should have a friend list like the Cp mascots.

  • chichi2518

    Hello Polo, I am Lionpolice in Club penguin.I live in a country of Asia .CP is so so so so cool. To me It’s like a world in Antarctica where penguins live in freezing cold and an icy land. Penguins can hang with their friends, buy clothes,decorate igloos and much more. I started playing CP from 2011 July I had another account in CP known as (Alex 789.) But it is ban cause I did not played in that account for 7 months. In Alex 789 you were my friend.

    On 26th April,2013. I have a party in my igloo (penguin is Lionpolice) polo field and all other penguins,please come to that party.


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