Interview with Cole Plante

After a week or so of editing, we finally published the interview with Cole Plante on the Club Penguin blog and YouTube. Thanks to all the CP community members who sent in questions to ask Cole! It was great to ask him real questions from real CP players.

We spoke over video chat for almost an hour, and cut down the final video to about 5 minutes. Here are some fun facts that didn’t make it into the final video:

1) Cole’s favourite Club Penguin item? The old school grey headphones from 2005/2006 (his penguin is still wearing them)

2) His favorite CP game? Cart Surfer (he could earn a lot of coins from it) or Catchin’ Waves (which he said he wasn’t very good at, but maybe because he would wear the Silver Surfboard)

3) Favorite instrument? Piano. (Though he admitted that the Keytar is the best of both worlds being the combination of a Guitar and a Keyboard.)

4) His penguin is almost 7 years old.

The reason we asked Cole to work on a remix is because he is a real Club Penguin player who’s now becoming this awesome rising star electronic musician! How cool is that? I’ll be posting his remix of “Gotta Have A Wingman” on Friday, June 27… Stay tuned!

Some penguins would also like to know when the music video will be out. Businesmoose and Ninja have been collaborating on this one, and it’s going to be very different and interesting! It’s not really like any video we’ve released before. It may not be ready until July. Just in time for Music Jam!


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