More info about the big Club Penguin Blog update tonight!

Hey there, penguins. Thanks for being so patient with us as we work on the new official Club Penguin blog.

The old system we used is now “frozen”, and we’re getting everything ready to launch with the new system tonight. It’s a lot of work because we have to move all the old posts and comments into the new blog. With millions of comments, it’s a lot of work!!

This is what the new official Club Penguin blog will look like:


Billybob will be posting the first official blog post on the new system. Moose has been working on a Halloween Party Sneak Peek with me, and we hope to have that finished very soon, too. Hopefully we can post it this week if everything works out right!

The team is also planning to launch a major improvement to the Help section of the website. If all works out as planned, it should be out very soon. Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:


Anyways, wish us luck! Thanks for being so patient as we get everything ready to launch. 🙂


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  • Hip Hop 794 (@HipHop794)

    Awesome looks better then the old one! No I will not miss the old one cause there were like 7 blogs before that! xD 😛

  • thetwink102

    Ohh yeah! LOVE THIS!! 😀

  • Chinamo

    I like it! Polo, do you like my blog: (Is in spanish) :$

  • djpingy8

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the new Blog look tonight! Good Job! Good luck on those millions of comments you have to transfer 😉 :mrgreen:
    -Dj Pingy8

  • Double Mvp

    The design is epic! Definetely cooler.

  • clubherbert

    If you trying to find me I will say it at 20 Oct. ! Don’t try to find me now…

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