Sony in advanced talks to buy Club Penguin?

Interesting speculative article from Gigaom about Sony attempting to buy Club Penguin. Source: Gigaom

BusinessWeek: MySpace For The Sandlot Set

A BusinessWeek writer takes a look at the significance of social networking on children’s chat based websites, highlighting Club Penguin as a leader in providing a safe environment for fun while online. MySpace For The Sandlot Set Social networks like Club Penguin are quickly catching pre-tweens’ attention `I bought a flat-screen TV and a stereo […]

New Horizon Interactive Founded

Not sure how many know this, but New Horizon Interactive was created as a publishing branch of New Horizon Media, a multimedia company that began in 1984. According to their website, New Horizon Media was focused on video production and editing from 1984 up until the 90s. Founder Dave Krysko and his team began to […]

Penguin Chat 3 Launches

Here’s one that many people get confused about… technically there is no “Penguin Chat 3”. It was just Club Penguin before they decided on the final name for the world. For a while they just kept referring to it as “the big update”. The other key difference is that Penguin Chat 3 was hosted on […]

Penguin Chat 2 Launches in Beta

In early 2003, the Penguin Chat 2 beta test launches. The previous version (Experimental Penguins) was quite expensive to run considering that most internet users were using dial-up internet still from 2000-2002. This changed after the first Penguin Chat gained more and more awards and visitors. In 2002, RocketSnail games were played closed to 1 […]

RuneScape Launches in Beta

Alright, buckle up! Let’s dive deeper into the weird and wonderful world of RuneScape. This super chill fantasy MMORPG, developed by Jagex, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a browser game back in 2001. Now, with a fancy standalone client and over 300 million accounts, it proudly boasts a Guinness World […]

Disney Hires FutureSplash for Disney Daily Blast

What I admire most about Disney is their history of innovation. Most people recognize how innovative their Imagineering group is, but I feel Disney Online deserves just as much credit. Disney Online either pioneered or invested in up-and-coming technology initiatives in the world in the mid-90s. The relationship between Disney and its use of Flash […]

FutureSplash Animator Launches

Oh, gather ’round, dear children, and let me tell you a story about the magical world of FutureSplash Animator, where it all started with some tiny bits of colored plastic. Yes, that’s right, the granddaddy of online animation, brought to life by a visionary named Jonathan Gay, was inspired by none other than… LEGOs! You […]

Habitat Launches

Once upon a time in the magical land of the 1980s, a group of super-smart people had a brilliant idea. They wanted to create a fantastic, colorful world where friends could meet and play together, even if they were far away from each other. So, Randy Farmer, Chip Morningstar, Aric Wilmunder, and Janet Hunter put […]

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