My Interview with Torres126 on CP Mountains

Thanks to Torres126 for the chance to talk about Club Penguin again. I like thinking about virtual worlds, and I’m still especially fond of Club Penguin and the CP community. So getting another chance to think about Club Penguin is always nice! Source: CP Mountains

Rogers taking over Club Penguin office space

Interesting news in Kelowna, the hometown of Club Penguin. We had a very large space for the CP team in the Landmark buildings. With the closure of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island, the team obviously didn’t need that much space anymore.  Now that space is going to be occupied by Rogers, a telecommunications company, […]

The Fallen King of MMOs: Club Penguin

“So far in this particular series, we’ve talked about Pixie Hollow and how it sparked a love of online gaming in an entire generation, and we’ve discovered what became of the old favorite ToonTown Online. This time, I’ll be talking about the powerhouse that took down ToonTown, the key to all Disney online gaming’s undoing, a true monarch […]

Interview with Box Critters Live

Thankes to Driv3rjoe and Icy for the chance to talk insider baseball about the Club Penguin days. Source: Box Critters Live

Thank You, Club Penguin Community

Originally published on Medium. In honour of Club Penguin’s 13th anniversary, and to all the many people who dedicated so much of their lives to this little frozen world. Thank you. To all the many players who play and have played Club Penguin. For all the passion and enthusiasm and support – the entire Club […]

Community Survey Results: Parties & Items

Welcome to this little blog about Club Penguin history. I didn’t really have a place to ‘put’ various thoughts and posts about CP history, so this made sense as a place to do it.  Recently, I asked a bunch of former Club Penguin players to share their memories about the original CP world and experience through […]

Club Penguin Island developers laid off, game shut down

“Club Penguin Island is shutting down at the end of the year, according to an announcement from Disney” Source: GameDaily

Ryan Paynter Opens Up About Club Penguin

Another Club Penguin community member opens up about their “double life”.

Why Club Penguin Died by RoboKast

Interesting theories from YouTuber RoboKast.

Caitlyn Rae’s “Famous for Making Club Penguin Music Videos” Vlog

This is quite great. Never be ashamed to let the Club Penguin flag fly, I say!

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