33 thoughts on “Photo: Working on some sounds for November”

  1. hi polo field i cant wait for the halloween party in club penguin. Im so excited! By the way could you please add me and send me a postcard on club penguin. Im your biggest fan! Im Possum2001. Youre an awesome blogger polo and i cant wait to see you posting stuff on the official blog.

  2. Looks promising Polo. I am very excited for the Halloween Party, and November seems like a great month for Club Penguin as well. I hope to see the app that many blogs out there have post before, I believe it’s called “My Penguin” or “Card-Jitsu App”, come out soon. Hopefully next month, or January of next year 🙂

  3. Polo may is angry for that million penguins (600+) make throuble for the team :'( Next time when I will meeting these “glitches” or “hacks” Maybe we gonna first ask you, Polo right? Someone told he found the way to: “Server Jump, get character clothes, change name, go to new Halloween party, find PASSWORDS, being a mod or a admin, ban ppl etc” This is the biggest throuble we make for the team! And Im still sad 🙁 I deleted you.. But what about the mascots we added? It have just more fun if we find them ourshelf but… We can’t! Cauze we added them! I will ban my penguins it’s online 1 ban for forever! AAAH!
    We’re sorry for the throuble we make! :'(


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