Photo: Working on some sounds for November


I was just listening to a track the team is working on for November. Sooooo exciting!! Can’t wait to share something with you once it’s closer to ready.


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    • Polo Field

      We might post a sample in a week or two so you can hear what we’ve been working on a little early. 😛

  • Monchocho

    Woah! I had no idea some of you actually recorded the instruments :O I thought it was all using a software with preloaded tunes or something. Cool! :p

    • Polo Field

      Nope! We often have real instruments and play them in the office. It’s funny when you hear trombones down the hallway. 😛

      • waddles4g1

        Hey buddy mind if you add my blog to one of your blogs you like? thanks!

      • alessio85047

        :O I see a trumpet! I love to play it! Maybe I could work for the sound studio in cp when I grow up! 😛

  • djpingy8

    Do you have a studio for your music? Cool trumpet! 😛
    -Dj Pingy8

  • possum2001

    hi polo field i cant wait for the halloween party in club penguin. Im so excited! By the way could you please add me and send me a postcard on club penguin. Im your biggest fan! Im Possum2001. Youre an awesome blogger polo and i cant wait to see you posting stuff on the official blog.

  • clubherbert

    BWAHHAHHAHA! Am I real or fake? Solve my riddle! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

    • Polo Field

      Uh-oh it’s Fake Herbert! *hides*

      • mlg

        lol polo field XD

  • zonnie (@zonnieCP)

    Looks promising Polo. I am very excited for the Halloween Party, and November seems like a great month for Club Penguin as well. I hope to see the app that many blogs out there have post before, I believe it’s called “My Penguin” or “Card-Jitsu App”, come out soon. Hopefully next month, or January of next year 🙂

  • djpingy8

    I’m guessing… fake?
    -Dj Pingy8

  • possum2001

    Polo field can you please reply to my messages? just reminding you that can you please send me a postcard and add me as your friend on club penguin.

  • Lenny Thai (@Lenny_Thai)

    I never knew you use real instruments! You have very have talented Employees! am i right?

  • pingywin8 (@pingywin8)

    Whatever you guys make its cool. But are you gonna add the same music of last year’s party or will this be something new?

  • possum2001

    please add me and send me postcard on club penguin polo field!

  • thetwink102

    Hey Polofield! I am making a little game called Club Kitty.. it’s kinda like club penguin but it is cats instead! want some sneak peek pictures? 🙂

  • CpDirectorM

    Polo may is angry for that million penguins (600+) make throuble for the team :'( Next time when I will meeting these “glitches” or “hacks” Maybe we gonna first ask you, Polo right? Someone told he found the way to: “Server Jump, get character clothes, change name, go to new Halloween party, find PASSWORDS, being a mod or a admin, ban ppl etc” This is the biggest throuble we make for the team! And Im still sad 🙁 I deleted you.. But what about the mascots we added? It have just more fun if we find them ourshelf but… We can’t! Cauze we added them! I will ban my penguins it’s online 1 ban for forever! AAAH!
    We’re sorry for the throuble we make! :'(

  • Pingu44100

    Looks Awesome! Polo– i have a great idea, you should make puffle clothes and costumes! Does it sound cool? Let me know.

  • mlg

    hey polo whain is the hallween party is going to start? (plz be early)

    • mlg


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