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  • lukey140701

    I voted for Ultimate Jam ;]

  • Andreylaur (@Andreylaur)

    1. Halloween
    2. Superhero

    Ultimate Jam wasn’t that good, can’t see why it is the most voted.

    • Polo Field

      Lots of people loved Ultimate Jam!

      • Andreylaur (@Andreylaur)

        Well, it was a good party, definitively in top 5, but it didn’t offer as much as the Halloween Party which had a completely new mansion to explore, penguin ghosts and a better music video in my opinion, or the Superhero Party which surprised me with that Metropolis look and feel and the amount of costumes. Anyway, 2012 was a very good year for Club Penguin as far as I’m concerned.

  • thetwink102

    The puffle party was awesome! 😀

  • gf3lt0n

    Halloween definitely my favorite, for mascot choice and for the rooms. I really loved the haunted mansion, and the ability to turn into a ghost. My question is, will most parties have an option to transform into something.

  • nene8888

    The truth is that 2012 was a great year in Club Penguin Parties were the BEST! The Ultimate Jam is the best. The last holiday (Halloween, Operation Blackout and Christmas Party) were EXCELLENT! And I think that 2013 will be much better, thanks for all the adventures of 2012 …

    Club Penguin is the best! 😀

  • Eduardo 008 (@008Eduardo)

    I voted for Operation Blackout. Some can ask “Why? The island was completely destroyed ‘-‘ ” but the dark theme, the epic music, the nice remix of the EPF theme in Herbert’s Base and equality for members and non-members…Well, it was epic 🙂

  • 123kitten1

    I would have to say Operation: Blackout and the puffle party!

  • Michaelmrox

    I loved all parties this year This and 2007 were the best years for parties, I voted Puffle Party 2012

    • Polo Field

      Yeah, I liked transforming into a Puffle. Reminded me of CPIP back in 2008. 🙂

      • Michaelmrox

        I remember CPIP! I also love the tarasforming into a puffle- was the Puffle Puffles 2012 also your favourite party?

  • possum2001

    I absolutely loved all of them!! For my vote i said others and put in all of them!! Polo could you check my blog and comment there and like it.

  • ramone14

    Ultimate Jam is by far my favorite party in 2012! Perfect way to celebrate over the summer 😀

  • mega7000

    For me it is Ultimate Jam because I love to dance and I love music
    PS: Polo what is your favorite music?
    Waddle on!

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