Prehistoric Party Q+A

Hello Penguins!

Earlier this week, I answered some of your most popular Prehistoric Party questions. You kept the questions coming, and today I’m answering more of them. Read on for a few party secret reveals!

Which mascot will be visiting? Gary will be leading the exploration of Prehistoric Club Penguin. Get ready to help dig up dino eggs and interview caveguins (cave penguins!).

How does digging for dino eggs work? There will be dig sites and shovels all throughout the island. If you’re lucky, you’ll uncover something that looks like this:


Will there be new party emotes? Definitely! The Holiday Party emotes were a huge hit. So the team’s adding three new limited time emotes to your chat bars. Check them out:


Remember: These will only be available during the Prehistoric Party, January 17 – 29!

There’s less than a week to go until we’re partying like dinosaurs! What about the party are you most excited about?

Waddle On!
– Club Penguin Team

24 thoughts on “Prehistoric Party Q+A”

  1. I can’t wait to see what else is in store with this party! Although I do feel like Club Penguin has been going a little overboard with sneak peeks lately – or maybe I’m just used to minimal sneak peeks from when I was a newer Club Penguin player, I don’t know.

  2. The party looks very good, and I ask, will this be kind of a sequel to AP: Temple of Fruit? I also like the new version of Treasure Hunt, where we get to find dinosaur eggs and…rocks I think. Last question, Will there be a scavenger hunt? Thanks for he massive amount of sneak peeks Polo!

  3. So cool I love this web polo field I think Club penguin need vacances non. i think that this party would be the best party ever with an extaordinary team!

    • Yes, 3 of them have exlusive stuff like. Bird can fly, Trex can roar and purple can stomp, i think i remember polo saying if ur a dino and u throw a snowball you throw a throw up ball

  4. Hey Polo! (:
    I was wondering if you could bring back some of the old items in the next catalog because I miss the old cool items. Thanks for bringing some back for the non-members page! (: That was really nice of you! Is there going to be more of that? (: Do you think we could have some that are on the members pages too? (: Thanks.
    P.S. I don’t mean to be rude (; Most of my friends agree. (:

  5. Polo field, I missed you on field friday maybe you can go on the server snow cone tomorrow at three Penguin time? At your igloo too I would really appriciate it!
    ~Max 7727

  6. The Dino Dig game is very bad, I can’t understand how could Club Penguin release such thing. Not only that it’s a sure win 100% of the time, you also have to go through it tons of times until you collect all the eggs.


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