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Survey: Virtual World News

I’d like to hear your feedback about what virtual world news matters most to you, including the history of Club Penguin news. For example, which Club Penguin Times newspaper issues did you like best? Which ones were worst?

See the quick survey embedded below.

How do you get your news?

Why do I ask?

Glad you asked. I’m asking for a few reasons:

  1. To understand which issues are most important to feature in a potential Club Penguin documentary
  2. To understand what kind of content matters to you for new virtual worlds like Party Parrot World or older ones like Animal Jam. Do you prefer newspaper lore, insider blog info, or funny videos?
  3. After my poll on Twitter, many folks were interested in reading blog posts from me about the making of Party Parrot World. If I’m going to blog, I kinda want to make sure it’s stuff you’d want to bother reading! So understanding what kind of blog content you like from other worlds helps me plan stuff out a bit better.

Complete List of Club Penguin Times Issues

This week I finally finished putting together a complete list of official CP Times issues. I wasn’t finding an easy enough way to browse through the complete collection.

Thanks to great folks like Loki Terry, Mrzero3, Trainman1405, Ryboflavin, and Belly18 for the many years of screenshots that helped make it possible to stitch this stuff back together. It made it much easier to sift through the 2010-2017 issues! Without Belly18’s screenshots I probably wouldn’t have seen the past 2 years worth of issues.

See this complete list of Club Penguin Times issues.


Thanks to everyone who spends the time to complete the survey! It helps me keep our projects community-driven rather than just picking whatever we want to do out of a hat.

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