The new music video is out now!

It’s a busy morning here at Club Penguin HQ. We just released the brand new music video for “Ghosts Just Wanna Dance” on YouTube and the blog. Did you see it yet?

Anyways, got to go for now. Need to send some links to some coders for the homepage update tonight. 🙂

PS – We’re probably launching the new blog next week on, along with an updated Fun Stuff and Help section. We’ll need to shut down comments again this weekend to get ready for it. (Just so you know!)

18 thoughts on “The new music video is out now!”

  1. I really love the music video ! So glad to see that there wont be a storm this year since it has been a while since we have had a Halloween Party without a storm. But the music video is really great, looking forward to seeing the whole entire video 🙂

    – zonnie

  2. Hey, Polo Field can you make a day for meet ya on CP? Btw the video is awesome I want to be a ghost! I will haunt ya!! >:D
    Can you like my igloo? My name is Mario6354 please reply 😀


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