What should a modern blog do?

There are so many great blogs out there, and so many great blog tools with stuff like WordPress and Blogger. The question I have… What do you think a great blog tool should do? What do your favorite blogs do?

Let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear what’s most important to you. πŸ™‚


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  • Pingui20002

    My favorite thing that i made for my blog were the headers and the backgrounds for the parties! πŸ˜€ that’s the best on a CP Party

  • Randi2016 (@Randi2016CP)

    I think a blog should, give you information. A good blog should be updated alot. Always have good material. πŸ™‚

  • Boba :) (@Boba126)

    I think that a poll is important tool for blogs because it shows the opinions of people who view your blog.

    • Polo Field

      Great point – I love polls. They can get overused, though – don’t you think?

  • Twitchy543

    I think you should make this a Club Penguin tips website. For example: pin locations, Field Ops locations, party guides, etc. You know what I’m talking about?

    • Polo Field

      I totally could do something like that. We tried to expand the Help section of the CP website to add tips and tricks.

    • Polo Field

      Some great choices. I like their blog layouts and designs. I’m interested in hearing about new, up-and-coming bloggers, too.

      • clubpenguinperapin

        Look out Polo Field, Perapin’s joining the blogging universe!! πŸ™‚ December 6, 2012!

        Your Friend
        ~Perapin πŸ™‚

  • Trainman1405

    In my personal opinion a great blog should post constantly enough but not overdo it, have a vibrant theme that looks good (and retina graphics support is a plus, it makes a huge difference for my eyes when looking at websites on my Retina MacBook Pro :P) The blog posts should also be interesting, as the more unusual, uncommon, or different the topic is, I find myself to be more intrigued to read the whole based on the title and maybe the first paragraph.

    • Polo Field

      Great suggestions. It would be good to teach the next generation of CP bloggers how to write interesting posts. The more original, the better!

      • Trainman1405

        I agree. Just from my own viewing, I see more people are just focusing on posting the ‘cheats’ aka weekly main Club Penguin updates and news. There’s nothing wrong with that, I originally did it too but decided to branch out. Whenever I post items that are either still related to Club Penguin or me myself, I receive nothing but positive feedback – many people say I’m great for taking the time to do it and they say it makes me stand out and why they really enjoy my website. I just come up with my own ideas and post them in the spare time I have and continue doing it since people keep requesting I do more.

        It all comes down to interactive with your viewers, a key aspect. Club Penguin itself has been doing that both last year and especially this year since social media, and I’m sure you see yourself that all of Club Penguin’s players on YouTube and Twitter that talk to you and other Club Penguin staff members enjoy being able to speak to different team members one on one.

  • Revgreen (@Revgreen)

    Blogs now a days are using more and more dynamic content to connect with its users and I believe that using these features are key. Through using twitter, contests, chats and more things becoming available each day, the world of online blogging is becoming much more connective.

    Waddle On πŸ™‚ -Revgreen

    • Polo Field

      Totally! I especially like it when blogs interact with each other, too.

  • Lilonow

    1. First of all, the perfect design. The “perfect” here is about what the blog is about but the owner has to personally like it.
    2. New content when it’s released or even before. Exclusivity attracts people and the blogger has to be a real reporter to get exclusive content before other bloggers do. Kind of a friendly competition there.
    3. Be stable. Your visitors will feel umconfortable if every day there is a new author or old ones keep quitting. This also means you gotta focus on your target public.

    A great blog tool has to be acessible and complete, with a big range of themes and languages, mostly bug-free and widget-able.
    Good luck with your projects!

  • Waddle2011

    You could add a poll, that we could vote on weekly or monthly.

    • Polo Field

      Yeah I should try that out.

  • Double Mvp

    Simple things for me. Layout wise, a stunning but simple navbar, because not everyone uses Google chrome, hehe. An original theme is key as well. Content wise, there should be a good text:image ratio, not like 5000 words and no image. Also, consistency. If there are too many designs or different animations going on, it tends to look cluttered.

    -Double Mvp

  • zonnie (@zonnieCP)

    I think seeing Club Penguin party and item sneak peeks on here would be great. I also would look forward to seeing a very interesting background and header that will make the website pop out. I also agree with most of the comments that say you should add a weekly poll, because those are always good for feedback on things. For example: “What do you think of the Halloween Party this year?” and then you add the answers you could choose from. But so far so good, so don’t worry. I am sure this blog will get better and better with time, and work ! πŸ™‚

  • CPBehindTheScenes! (@Mdwg59)

    I think a good blog should be like a journal, that everyone wants to read! juicy stories to make people jealous of you! and maybe even glad there NOT you, inspirational, helpful, entertaining! No one knows! The purpose and definition is of the eye of the beholder!
    Go to http://www.clubpenguinbehingthescenes.webs.com for all your latest cheats, codes, news, and trackers for Club Penguin!

  • Adam Taylor (@red4981)

    You could video blog, record your voice, but you can filter it with voice changing toy or computer software

  • jake44264

    add a chat like chango i can make you one i have one on my blog

  • Pingu44100

    I think a good blog should have tips and secrets, also they should have a good team, maybe I could join your blog team and you could join mine if you like my blog!

  • tommy58562

    In my personal opinion, I think that a blog should always make an enjoyable experience for it’s readers. I already see that in your blog, it really is entertaining to read. One thing that I have thought of is something daily, for example ‘joke of the day’, there have been a lot of other daily things, I have picked up ‘item of the day’ from a few blogs. But just keep on blogging like you are, you are surely on the right path on blogging. I would also like to say something that you are doing well, which is how original your posts are and how interesting they are, too. You post about lots of things that us penguins like, so just have to say keep it up! My blog needs a little attention at the moment, but I would be happy if you checked it out at http://clubpenguinworl.webs.com/. You are also the only CP moderator that I know of to have their own blog on the game – which just adds to the fun! Thanks for reading, and waddle on! πŸ™‚


  • sopho10

    1: put some color on it
    2: make a header
    3: make a pool so you can see what everyone think of the new blog or any updates
    4: give details about the updates to come
    I hope that helped you!!!! πŸ™‚

  • emi86534

    Polo field i can be moderator of Club Penguin

  • Agent Huko2 (@huko2cp)

    You should work a bit on the layout header nabber background etc. That makes the blog look great! And it will be nice if you put a PST Clock check my blog out: huko2cpcheats.blogspot.in

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