YouTube channel background fix coming soon

Hey everyone. Saraapril just let me know about a bug with the new Halloween background on our YouTube channel. We forgot to put in the new HTML code to make the buttons work! LOL at least we were still able to release the new music video. We were quite busy today!

Anyways, I’ll fix those buttons in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience.

Update: The links aren’t perfect, but they work. Federflink will have the new German one up in a little while, too.

See ya later!

24 thoughts on “YouTube channel background fix coming soon”

  1. Hey PoloField, My CP Name is Twinkie102… Just have to let you know about a bug… Ok so, In the bonus game area, You can walk on the balloons right next to Balloon Bob… Might wanna fix it.. 😉
    Oh and, BEST CP BLOG EVER!!! 😀

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