RuneScape Launches in Beta

Alright, buckle up! Let’s dive deeper into the weird and wonderful world of RuneScape. This super chill fantasy MMORPG, developed by Jagex, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a browser game back in 2001. Now, with a fancy standalone client and over 300 million accounts, it proudly boasts a Guinness World Record for being the biggest and most-updated free MMORPG out there.

The origin story of RuneScape is like a fairy tale. It all started with two college bros, Andrew and Paul Gower, in their bedroom. They created the game as a hobby and a way to flex their creativity. Fast forward to today, and Jagex has grown to have more than 500 people working on the game. That’s what you call a major glow up!

RuneScape isn’t just your average MMORPG, it’s a record-breaking phenomenon with players in over 150 countries. The game is known for being super accessible since it runs on almost any computer with internet access. It’s “cloud”-based before the term even became a thing, and its “thin client” developed by Jagex is so small it could fit on a floppy disc (remember those?).

Now, let’s get to the juicy part: the Gielinor penguin takeover plan. What began as a mysterious “Thing” in the game turned out to be a group of penguins disguised as sheep. Yeah, that’s right—cunning penguins plotting to take over the world of Gielinor. Talk about a twist!

The penguin situation started as a creative solution to explain why a farmer in the game couldn’t shear his own sheep. The developers came up with “The Thing” as a placeholder for something so scary that the farmer wouldn’t dare do it himself. For years, both the developers and the wider RuneScape community speculated on what “The Thing” could be.

It wasn’t until 2007 that the penguin takeover plan was fully revealed. The penguins, dressed as sheep, were on a mission to infiltrate the world of Gielinor and seize control. These cunning creatures had a whole series of quests and storylines dedicated to their diabolical scheme. Players had to work together to uncover the penguins’ secret plans, expose their disguises, and ultimately save the world from being dominated by these flippered foes.

So, not only is RuneScape a fantastic game to play with friends and have a good LOL, but it’s also packed with bizarre and exciting storylines like the Gielinor penguin takeover plan. This game has got it all—adventure, intrigue, and even the occasional cabbage reference. What more could you ask for in a free MMORPG? Jump in and experience the awesomeness of RuneScape for yourself!


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