The Moose and Polo Show

A few weeks back I mentioned that Johnny (formerly known as Businesmoose) and I would be rebooting an old idea we had: The Moose and Polo Show! But what we didn’t mention was what that show would be. Let me get into that a bit here 🙂 A brief history of The Moose and Polo … Read more

The Journey Continues

I’m so excited and honored to be part of RocketSnail Games now! I have to pinch myself as it all feels so… surreal. It’s been two weeks already, and I want to make sure I’m posting regularly to keep everything in check and on-track. You probably want to know what we’re up to! We will … Read more


One of my fave things about working at Club Penguin was seeing all the creations from the community! I’m still fascinated by the trend of CPMVs (Club Penguin Music Videos). I love the idea of using video games as film sets like this. I don’t think Jempenguin has made a new CPMV in a while, … Read more

Moustaches and Movember

Have you heard of Movember? Each November, men in North America grow stupid moustaches as a fun way to raise awareness for 3 serious men’s health issues: Prostate Cancer Testicular Cancer Mental Health and Suicide Prevention I work with a bunch of former Club Penguin staff at WTFast (software to fix lag for online games), … Read more

Club Penguin Staff Merch

Can you believe that Club Penguin is 15 years old? Or that it’s even older than that, if you count all the previous versions? I spent almost nine years of my life working on Club Penguin and met the love of my life while working there, so CP will always hold a special place in … Read more

Why did Club Penguin shut down?

As a former Club Penguin staff member from 2006-2015, it was hard to watch as CP was closed. Why did Club Penguin shut down if it had so many active players? Club Penguin shut down largely due to growing competition from newer games such as Minecraft and Roblox. These kid-friendly games were made available for almost … Read more

Rogers taking over Club Penguin office space

Interesting news in Kelowna, the hometown of Club Penguin. We had a very large space for the CP team in the Landmark buildings. With the closure of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island, the team obviously didn’t need that much space anymore. 

Now that space is going to be occupied by Rogers, a telecommunications company, as a call center.

Great news for Kelowna to have 350-500 jobs available. But a little bittersweet for those of us who liked that CP office. 

Source: The Daily Courier

The Fallen King of MMOs: Club Penguin

So far in this particular series, we’ve talked about Pixie Hollow and how it sparked a love of online gaming in an entire generation, and we’ve discovered what became of the old favorite ToonTown Online. This time, I’ll be talking about the powerhouse that took down ToonTown, the key to all Disney online gaming’s undoing, a true monarch of kids entertainment, none other than the one and only Club Penguin.

Source: Rainbow Caverns