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Oh hai there! Welcome to my blog. My name's Chris, but you may know me from the Club Penguin Team...

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I don't send many emails. If you are interested in receiving a little virtual world newsletter, you can subscribe to...

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Oh hai there! Welcome to my blog. My name’s Chris, but you may know me from the Club Penguin Team based on my retired account, Polo Field. 

I used to work at Club Penguin. For a long time, too — from 2006-2015.

For a while, I was Club Penguin’s archivist, keeping track of files and all the different interesting things that happened in CP history. The reason? For smart use and re-use of content for stuff like consumer products, etc.

And to one day tell the CP story.

I love wikis, forums, timelines and other cool tech stuff like that. I’ve also written a few things, like the Paint By Letters books that were in the Book Room a long time ago.

But most of all, I love creative worlds. I love creating universes full of characters and stories and mysteries. My first virtual world experience was with Microsoft Comic Chat, and joining Club Penguin was a dream come true. 

Some players that were around in 2007 might remember me from the Miniclip Forums, otherwise known as the “MCCP.”

I’d show up there every once in a while with other staff members at the time like Screenhog, Ice Pinapple and Hamustar. My Miniclip Forum avatar featured a panda with a red keytar — an instrument that eventually found its way into Club Penguin, too. 😉

In my later years at Club Penguin, I worked with other talented folks like Businesmoose, Ninja, and Megg on social media stuff like blogs, YouTubeSoundCloudFacebook and Twitter.

You can find me anytime on Twitter at @redkeytar, or right here on this blog.

Bye for now!