Canva’s guide to designing websites for kids

Kind of interesting to see Club Penguin featured in a post on the Canva blog.  Source: Canva

Laughing Place reviews Club Penguin Island

“[Club Penguin Island] brings together the familiarity from the old game, with new, re-imagined characters and graphics. In creating an account, you are able to design your own penguin and start tasks such as repairing a pirate ship, helping fix water slides and zip lines and even help find the lost city of Penglantis.“ Source: Laughing Place

Club Penguin’s Final Minutes

Well done to Drivr3joe for capturing this footage.

Tamago2474’s Club Penguin Story Video

This is (by far) one of my very favorite Club Penguin videos. Well done, Tamago. You’re awesome.

Getting banned from Club Penguin is now a speedrunning competition

“How quickly can you create an account and get yourself banned from this browser-based kids’ game? Well, as of right now that answer is 39.53 seconds.“ Source: PC Gamer

How Club Penguin Changed My Life

I wrote a little post about Club Penguin over on my Medium blog.

Club Penguin set to close, breaking millenial hearts worldwide

Not to be dramatic but this is literally the worst news I’ve ever gotten ever” Source: Polygon

Chadtronic Plays Club Penguin

Always interesting to see what YouTubers say about Club Penguin. Chadtronic is funny. I like him.

Chadtronic Video: Parents Upset Over Club Penguin

Love this! Literal LOL

Pup1one’s Nice Farewell Video For Me

Such a nice little sendaway from Pup1one, with so many kind comments from other penguins. Makes it hard to say goodbye.

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