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Hiya CP super-fans!

There have been a few big news pieces lately about Club Penguin. I know some have heard about two apps we’re working on: Sled Racer, and another unannounced title that I can’t really talk about yet called Puffle Wild. Some of you may have also heard rumors of a mysterious figure from the wilderness or the mountains. That’s really just the start of where CP is going next… New places and new experiences on new devices… As you know, I try not to spoil too many surprises, though. 🙂

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot behind-the-scenes is the CP blog. I want to make the blog more dynamic and modern and fun. I thought… Rather than do too much planning by myself, why don’t I ask the super-fans what they’d like to see on the “CP BLOG OF THE FUTURE”…

One thing I’d like to do is more than just news and sneak peeks. I’d like to post how-to articles and little behind-the-scenes posts with interesting history bits, like what Screenhog suggested… How did we come up with Herbert P. Bear, for example.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What works, and what would you like to see more of on the official CP blog. Let me know! 🙂

Your pal, Polo


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  • Trainman1405

    Bring a video camera around the office and vlog.

    • ocean6100

      I’d love that. 😀

  • Farious

    Love the post and I’m so excited for the new apps! 🙂

  • Tech70 (@Tech70CP)

    So enthusiastic for the two new apps. The new places and experiences in Club Penguin sound fantastic and I can’t wait to start exploring them! Club Penguin is getting better and better each day. 🙂

    I would love to see blog posts on the What’s New blog about Club Penguin history. That would make the blog more fascinating and I think more players would read it. How-to articles would be brilliant! But what things are you going to teach us? Perhaps how to play some mini-games or how to have an igloo party? You could also post discussions! For example, you could ask players what their favorite Club Penguin mini-game is and why.

    The future of Club Penguin sounds outstanding and I am enthusiastic for the new things to come.

  • Happyblue128

    Perhaps you, Megg or Ninja could interview a member of the Club Penguin team (from any department) and could ask them a few selective questions like what they do in their job, what there favourite mini-game is and why etc. Perhaps you could ask people on the What’s New blog what questions they’d like to ask specific people.

    For instance, say you were interviewing Lilac Ren on the writing team. Perhaps you could ask her 10 questions and at the end of those ten questions you could say something like “Next week Megg will be interviewing Cheese Tree on the support team. Make sure you leave your questions for Cheese Tree in the comments!”.

    Perhaps you, Megg, Ninja and Daffodaily5 could take it in turns in interviewing people on the What’s New blog. It’s a fun process that everyone would like, I do believe. 🙂

    Waddle On,

  • mepauset

    -I want to see… white !! White is snow, white is futuristic, white makes the blog looking more fluid…
    -I want to see a new podcast like “The Days in the CP Office” with different episode !!
    -Or when the first week of a party ends, you show the behind-the-scene of the creation of the party (taking place at this moment), with this, we could know who you created the party, how you imagined the different features etc. 🙂 Like you did for the Gold Puffle !!
    -I want prizes for a number of comments (approved ^^) 🙂 If we have 10 comments approved, we could choose an item !! (I want a mustache °o°) 🙂
    -Key of Awesome : Originality, you said it yourself, Polo !! Post original posts like little stories, “problems” to solve and for sure : VIDEOS, because that anime everything 🙂 I forgot one thing : a Jukebox !! Jukebox = Music = Happiness 🙂 CP Blog doesn’t need to be “happy” (a lot), just a little to force everyone to comment (and earn items :3) !!

    Thanks for reading, if you did it ! 🙂

    -Mepauset 🙂

  • Riyita (@RiyitaCP)

    I think the behind the scenes articles would make for a great read. Not many players around the younger side know much about Club Penguin’s History, and some other really unknown facts would be cool for everyone to read.

    Some new posts you guys could make could be about your studio, and how you do certain things. For example, you could make an article about the clothing making process, or how you plan out parties. You don’t see much of these types of posts anymore.

    Something else you could maybe do is let other penguins answer questions from askers, and the asker could give the penguin who helped answer the question a thumbs up if they answered the question correctly. You could give out exclusive items like a Blog Helper Background or a Question Mark Costume to the penguins who receive the most thumbs up.

    Let me know what you think of these ideas. 🙂

  • Tech70 (@Tech70CP)

    Some of my favorite Club Penguin blog posts:

    This blog post was written by Screenhog and explained the history of Puffles. He actually wrote two blog posts about Puffle history. I would love a series about something in Club Penguin history.

    Happy77 answered some questions asked by players. The questions she answered do not pertain to only one thing, but various things.

    Maybe you can change the blog name too. Instead of the What’s New blog, it could be called the What’s Awesome blog! 😛

  • Lolnok CP (@LolnokCP)

    You should have a developer blog or one or a few of CP’s developers make some posts about the server and other server/game-related things (for example, there was an old post about how CP items were made a few years ago) for those interested in that. They could even make posts about how a party or room was made and how things worked and even show some code or make a tutorial.

  • 007 Bond 50 (@007_Bond_50)

    Maybe we could have Daily games every week, where youo give a riddle and the one who guesses it gets a special amount of coins! That would be great.

  • felipe (@felipenguin)

    Hi, Polo Field! You should post facts or stories about ” Club Penguin ”, I’d like to hear fact that I don’t know… So, it would be very fun. What do you think?

  • Gobogo

    Umm… If you ask me what to add to the CP blog, it will be Liking others comments, and Log-in before we comment (Also preventing spam).

    Good luck for your future updates for ! I’ll be visiting it everyday !

  • Elmikey

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  • Red498 (@Red498CP)

    Yeah I’d like to see more fan stuff on the blog and more behind the scenes stuff.

  • Blue21102

    Hey Polo! Thanks for the update. We could have more sessions where the community discuss mysteries on the island. Recently I have started this feature on my Blog where I talk about a few topics and compare them with evidence from around the island. Some of the ideas could inspire new parties and I know that a lot of the community like this kind of interaction.

    I agree with what you said about behind-the-scenes stuff because that would be awesome. Maybe some behind-the-scenes with rooms on Club Penguin and it’s history. I would love to know more about the Boiler Room…

    Thanks for reading,


  • Mrzero3

    I think adding a Club Penguin Discussions element to the blog would be awesome… maybe a fact of the day, etc… 🙂

  • michaelmeggo

    You can tell stories on how parties started on club penguin. Like example, how the frozen takeover began. By the way, where should we tell you these ideas?

  • michaelmeggo

    I’d also like to know who is the founder of club penguin and if there was any war or fighting to get the island.

  • ocean6100

    I love the ideas that you suggested, Polo. I definitely think it’s time for the What’s New Blog to be refreshed. The history idea is grand, and maybe show a little more of the creative process that goes on around Club Penguin HQ?

  • Ferdthebird

    1. I don’t think you should post too many “how-to” articles as that takes away from us bloggers teaching everyone how to do things. Read idea #4 under the “kids” section.

    2. I think it would be great to have a new comment system where you have to log in to comment on the blog, and have your comment display at the top for yourself so you don’t have to search to find your comment.

    3. You need to incorporate CP bloggers into the What’s New Blog. Read more in #4, “bloggers.”

    4. I think you should separate the blog into three sections, plus an overall section – a section for “kids,” “bloggers,” “adults,” and then a “worldwide” or something section for general news. Read more below.

    (Unlocked to everyone) Kids:
    The “kids” section would be filled with cool activities (the recipes, wallpapers, coloring pages, etc.), as well as ideas for dressing your penguin, walking your puffle, and more in-game things. THIS section would be where you included the SMALL “how-to” guides for missions that I think you should create each week rather than an EPF message. (See #5)

    (Unlocked to everyone) Bloggers:
    The “bloggers” section would be filled with minor exclusives (such as The Spoiler Alert), upcoming events, “what to expect” posts, the reviewed by you posts, month in reviews, etc. I remember when I was little I didn’t really care for these things as I didn’t like to sit and type my review, where for bloggers, who write, you can receive accountable feedback from.

    (Locked) Parents:
    The “parents” section should be a locked section on the blog (the parent would need their parent login information to access the page) and behind the page should be parent updates (the emails on a post) along with exclusive codes for their kids that they can give to them as a reward or something. The parent can click “send code” and the code will be sent to the child’s penguin, and a notification will appear for the child when they log in saying something like “You have been rewarded. Here is a free code for 1,000 coins!” and then the parent can include a message to their child.

    (Unlocked to everyone) Worldwide/all (kids, bloggers, parents):
    Include posts like the Spoiler Alert, penguin of the week, igloo of the week, fan art of the week, igloo ideas, featured fashions, polls. Anyone care to add ideas?

    *Random suggestion: 5. EPF: I think that each week, rather than an EPF message, you should include a simple mission like a Field OP with a task that requires penguins to use their spy phone AS A TOOL to find clues around the island (almost like Operation: Hot Sauce.)

  • pup2602

    Thanks for the info about the apps I am going to post them on my blog!

  • Ferdthebird

    Also, I like little things like these that you do, Polo. It’s kind of like a little secret area for bloggers or members of the Twitter community to come and talk to you. Maybe you should add these types of posts to the “bloggers” section of the blog.

  • kieran6955

    You could bring back the ‘Reviewed by you’ I really enjoyed reading it!

  • antic2

    I think that the cp blog should be visible in one of the rooms on club penguin like if i was in the coffee shop maybe i could click on a stand and have the blog pop up, or any exclusive part of the blog pops up only in the game, but in the blog there isnt really anything missing, you shouldnt spol the mystery of the game in the blog

  • Lenny (@Lenny_Thai)

    I agree with Trainman1405, you guys should take a video camera and vlog around the Club Penguin headquarters. Interview, ask what employees around Club Penguin are doing. Kinda like how you guys use to vlog, but while walking around the building!

    • Polo Field

      Perhaps! It’s just that this kind of video only tends to appeal to a small group of older players. I love v-blogs, too, but I’m a bit older than the average CP player. 😉

  • agenthush

    These days, everything is out in the open so early. We already know everything about the Frozen party, we already know about the sasquatch… If you post less spoilers, penguins will have more fun exploring the new additions themselves instead of just watching what they knew would come. I think how-to posts would be a great replacement for spoilers! What about posts with codes to brand new exclusive items? Also, Club Penguin is losing role play. I would like to see posts that are about “How to Have the Best Day at the Cove”. What about something called “Stamp of the Week”? You could feature a stamp that requires more than one penguin, and if enough people see the blog post, penguins could all work together to get the stamp easier. Feature stamps like “Dance Party” or “Fort Battle” or “Play it Loud”. Think of more ideas if you can! Thank you so much for listening!

    • Polo Field

      Thanks for the feedback, Agenthush. Believe it or not, we’re still sneak peeking just as early as we always have, going back to 2005.

      As far as role-play, that’s up to the community! Starting up some fun activities with friends online is something anyone could do at any time. 🙂

  • clubpenguinperapin

    To make the blog to be more “dynamic and modern and fun”, we MUST have the ability to thumbs up comments, and there MUST be a way to “log in to your penguin” in order to post a comment under your verified name. 🙂

    • Polo Field

      Woah, caps lock on the MUSTs! 😉
      Yes, we’d like to have a better system for comment submissions. The blog has had the current simple system since we started in 2005, so it’s definitely time to explore something new and improved here. 🙂

  • 1999bloo (@1999bloo)

    What about a feature where we can login to comment on the blog? 🙂

    • Polo Field

      Yep, we definitely want to do that in the future.

  • St Ransor

    Hmm? Mysterious Figure…SASQUATCH!

  • pup2602

    You could add a contest where users enter the name of the CP fan blog. And, at the end of the week a CP mod could copy your post on the blog and give credit!

    • Polo Field

      Thanks for the suggestion! Fun idea.

  • 1999bloo (@1999bloo)

    What about a feature where we can like each others comments on the blog? 🙂

    • Polo Field

      Yeah, that would be great!

  • penguin15750

    That’s a great idea! I love behind the scenes stuff!

  • cooljg1


  • Roudrasish1

    I think that it’ll be great if there were Forums in the Club Penguin blog where we can discuss Club Penguin related things. I also liked Trainman1405’s idea about the Vlog! You guys should make a video every week just like #TheSpoilerAlert in which you will show us behind the scenes, how you came up with the idea, etc. I hope that you’ll like my comment!
    Best fishes,

    • Polo Field

      A forum would be cool. Definitely a lot of work to keep up with, though!

      • Roudrasish1

        I’m glad that you like my idea about the forum. I have one request to you. Can I please interview you for my Club Penguin fan blog? It would be really great! I will choose top 10 questions by posting an article about it in my blog. Please reply to this comment if you are interested in it.
        Thanks & Regards,

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