Why did Club Penguin shut down?

As a former Club Penguin staff member from 2006-2015, it was hard to watch as CP was closed. Why did Club Penguin shut down if it had so many active players? Club Penguin shut down largely due to growing competition from newer games such as Minecraft and Roblox. These kid-friendly games were made available for almost […]

Interview with Box Critters Live

Thankes to Driv3rjoe and Icy for the chance to talk insider baseball about the Club Penguin days. Source: Box Critters Live

Community Survey Results: Parties & Items

Welcome to this little blog about Club Penguin history. I didn’t really have a place to ‘put’ various thoughts and posts about CP history, so this made sense as a place to do it.  Recently, I asked a bunch of former Club Penguin players to share their memories about the original CP world and experience through […]

Pup1one interviews me about Club Penguin (video)

This was a bittersweet time to be interviewed, as I was actively looking for a new job. Someone hinted to me that my role was going to be eliminated, so I had to scramble to figure out what I would be doing next. And how I was going to feed my family in the future.  […]

Ask Polo – August 28

Ask me a question and I’ll answer as many as I can. 🙂

Tuesday Trivia Time!

Time for something different and fun. I thought it would be great to do something a bit different today… Since it’s Tuesday (and I love trivia), I thought I would host a trivia conversation. Leave a comment with your best trivia question. Then once I’ve posted a few of your question comments, everyone can reply […]

The Club Penguin Blog

Hiya CP super-fans! There have been a few big news pieces lately about Club Penguin. I know some have heard about two apps we’re working on: Sled Racer, and another unannounced title that I can’t really talk about yet called Puffle Wild. Some of you may have also heard rumors of a mysterious figure from […]

Ask Polo

Time for something a little different. Time for a little “Ask Polo” session. Reply to this post with a question, and I’ll answer as many as I can! Your pal, Polo

Interview with Cole Plante

After a week or so of editing, we finally published the interview with Cole Plante on the Club Penguin blog and YouTube. Thanks to all the CP community members who sent in questions to ask Cole! It was great to ask him real questions from real CP players.

Poll: Who was your favorite guest host on The Spoiler Alert?

We’re planning out a new season of The Spoiler Alert now! It’s hard to believe that we’ve created 17 episodes already. Crazy how time flies! We’ve had almost 20 guest hosts since we started! So we want to hear which host has been your favorite so far? I’m going to exclude Spike and Billybob from […]

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