Greetings from Vacation!

Looks like Megg is doing a great job while I’m out on vacation! I’m not surprised. Isn’t she awesome?

I’m excited because we are finally going to release the “Best of 2013” Mashup Remix music video this week! Ninja was able to finish the silly dance Spoiler Alert scene that we originally had in mind when we recorded it. (That’s why we had tape on our foreheads… To help with motion tracking and compositing.)

Did everyone enjoy the final episode of #WaddleOn? I think it was a great last episode.

Looks like everyone figured out that Cat and Dog Puffles are coming this month, too.

What else have I missed so far?

Your pal,

18 thoughts on “Greetings from Vacation!”

  1. The new #WaddleOn was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! AMAZING! I loved the plane part. I can’t believe peanuts are five bucks! 😀 And, I can’t believe dog and cat puffles are coming to CP! Too bad they’re only available to members only. I can’t wait for the best of 2013 remix mash up video. Besides, you haven’t missed anything else. At least I don’t think.

  2. Will there be a party every beginning of the year called ‘best of 2014-15-17,etc ? If not please do so and all mascots will come and celebrate ! That would be a lot of fun !

  3. The only think you’ve missed is that me, Ocean6100, JordyP1, and occasionally one other guest will be starting our very own #TheSpoilerAlert-like commentary.

  4. Hi Polo! How’s your vacation? Hope everything is going swell.

    Megg is doing an awesome job! She is not just an intern, but an experienced one. 🙂

    YAY! I can’t wait for the Best of 2013 video.

    The final episode of #WaddleOn is hilarious! It ended the show well. By the way, Spike Hike said this in a tweet: “This is our final #WaddleOn episode for a while.” Does that mean the show will return at some point?

    The Cat and Dog Puffles will be awesome! Or pawsome. 😉

    Have a great vacation, Polo, and see you later!


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