Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

For those of you that didn’t know, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October! So it’s a long weekend here, and many Canadians are busy cooking turkeys or vegetarian feasts with friends and family. So, Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians!

I like the idea of Thanksgiving. Being thankful for what you’ve been given is a very good thing.

I’m thankful for my job at Club Penguin, all my good friends and family, the great outdoors, technology, and delicious food to eat.

What are you thankful for?


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  • brookelas

    Sweet! Are you guys at the office having a big party or something? 😛

  • orange501cheats

    You guys should throw a mini thanksgiving party at some part of the year

  • brookelas

    Question: The rumours about DJ Steven, are they true?

    • Polo Field

      Where did this DJ Steve rumor come from?

      • brookelas

        I am not sure. But is it true? Someone said he is setting up an event with Cadence in November.

  • Matthew :) (@Dorian1453)

    I’m thankful for being healthy and having a healthy family. I’m also thankful for pie! Without pie, I don’t know what I would do. 😉

  • Pingu44100

    Happy Thanksgiving Polo! I’m thankful for having club penguin and moderators like you for club penguin.

  • Skyupi9

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you would wish us a happy Thanksgiving when it’s our turn in the U.S.! I will be thankful!

  • djpingy8

    I’m thankful for a good family, a meal to eat everyday, a home to live in, fresh water and all of my good friends at my school and also Polo! Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians celebrating!
    -Dj Pingy8

    • Polo Field

      Nice comment. Great things to be thankful for!

  • djstores

    Happy Thanksgiving Polo! Out of all the blue, II am thankful for you, otherwise this epic blog wouldn’t be here. PLEASE TELL US WHAT IS HAPPENING IN NOVEMBER

  • Vishnu Marquez

    hello polo field happy thanksgiving you do well in your party is working hard sige club penguin

  • denisgur (@denisgur1)

    Hey polofield!
    i remember you frome 2007!
    i got a Question, Why did cp removed the paint by letters books, and can you put them back again??
    i really loved them!!

  • possum2001

    Polo field canu please add me as your friend and send me a postcard on club penguin. Please, I saw you on club pengyin once with businesmoose and sent you guys millions of friend requests but it looked like you guys were way too busy. I know it is probably hard to but could you please add me and postcard me?
    From your friend
    Ps. Please reply

  • djpingy8

    Yeah. What happened to Paint By Letters? That’s where I got most of my coins from! 😀

    • Polo Field

      They were removed because they weren’t very popular. There are lots of other good coin-earning games out there.

      • djpingy8

        Thanks for the information! :mrgreen:
        -Dj Pingy8

  • thetwink102

    It wasn’t thanksgiving for me yet but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I like pie.. 🙂

      • thetwink102


      • thetwink102

        btw, I am thankful for Club Penguin, my family, lots of food to eat, PIE!!, shelter to sleep under, and clothes 🙂

  • possum2001

    Polo field could you please add me and send me a postcard on club penguin. Last week I saw you and businesmoose and it was epic!! Anyway HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING

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