WordPress vs Blogger

The first question I was asked after I created this blog was about my blog roll. I’m using the built-in WordPress reader to show you all the blogs I’m following.

One little trouble I have: I can only feature WordPress blogs there. I’ll probably use Links to feature Blogger sites. So if you have a Blogger blog, I won’t be able to show the cool little picture at the bottom. Instead it’ll just be a text link.

I’ll only be featuring a few blogs at first, and I’ll only want to feature positive bloggers. If you’re asking for people’s passwords or trying to cheat the system in some way, I won’t be featuring your blog on this site.

Thanks for all the positive comments so far! I appreciate the warm welcomes from everyone. Here’s to more bloggy goodness in the future!

48 thoughts on “WordPress vs Blogger”

  1. Polo, it would be awesome if my blog clubpenguinswagger.blogspot.com Could be on your blogroll! Thanks for your time, Polo! 🙂

  2. Hello Polo Field, can you check out my WordPress Blog? If you have already, can you please add my blog to your list?
    Thanks! You’re very nice!

    P.S It’s my birthday on the 4th of Oct!

    -Dj Pingy8


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