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  • gf3lt0n

    Nice blog, Spongedude0! I also noticed it, and the inside looks really exaggerated, lol. Will there be easter eggs in the animation while we travel through time, like we see the town during the beta test, or POSSIBLY Penguin Chat 3?

    • spongedude0s

      Proberbly there might be a daily reward each time you log in 😉

      • spongedude0s


  • clikyminty

    I was very excited when I saw this amazing Time Trekker, 🙂 I remember seeing it at the Halloween Party 2012. 😉

  • eggabooha

    hey polo i like this plz go to my blog

  • eggabooha

    hey polo field i posted a thing about you and why you ROCK

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